The Club

After 20 years at the Port Mahon, the Oxford Folk Club will now be meeting upstairs at The White House (formerly the Folly Bridge Inn), Abingdon Road, Oxford. The White House is just a little way south of the actual Folly Bridge and river.
We welcome all folk performers and, of course, audiences, and have regulars who offer both traditional and also more contemporary material.
We can almost always ensure that those who wish to perform will get a chance on Open Nights (usually a couple of numbers).
Time for floor spots is obviously much more limited on Guest Nights, so do let us know if you are coming on these dates and hoping to perform. We will do our best to get you on if we can, especially if you are coming from a distance.
The Club meets every Friday from 8.30pm, except where the Christmas or Easter Bank Holiday coincides with a club date, and during August, when we take a break. As a general rule, Open Nights (2), and Guest Night (approximately 6) will alternate, but we sometimes have special feature or party nights as well, so don't completely rely on the alternating rule. In booking guests we aim to present a varied and high quality menu at very reasonable rates, usually with some discount for students/non waged on these nights; we are a non-profit-making organisation.
We'd appreciate it if you'd come and go between songs if possible.
Please get in touch by phone or email if you need any other information, or if there is anyone you would particularly like to see performing at the club.


The White House, 38 Abingdon Rd is located just south of the actual bridge on the corner of Whitehouse Road. It is within easy walking distance of the town centre. There is a small car park at the back of the pub, and also some on street parking in the area.