Open Night this week!
8pm (bar) onwards. Club upstairs at
Marston British Legion, Hadow Road, Oxford.

All welcome, please come along even if you can only make part of the evening. Cash contributions for venue hire please.

Open Night at Marston British Legion.

Open Night at Marston British Legion.
After a very busy night last time, we hope to be able to hear all those people who we had to miss out when time ran out! Please come along and play/sing for us this week if you can.
Usual cash collection towards room hire, try and be there by about 8pm so that there is time to get a drink at downstairs bar.

Feature Night.
Great News! The Oakstone Trio will be doing a Feature Night this week. (Stained Glass have had to postpone because of illness)
English songs and tunes from three favourites on the Oxford (and increasingly national) folk scene.
£5 on door (cash please if possible)
Marston British Legion - Bar downstairs at 8pm for 8.15 start time


Folk club this week.
Venue: British Legion, Hadow Road
Time 8pm onwards for bar downstairs (cheap prices)
Please bring enough cash for a donation towards costs. Suggested around £3 towards room rent. We are sometimes running at a loss these days so please be generous - you get free parking and cheap beer!

Open Night at Marston British Legion.
Cash contributions for expenses.
For those who don't know - parking outside the Legion is free after 5pm
Folk club upstairs, bar downstairs with good prices so please support.
Floor spots welcome

No club for a few weeks, but you can see Oxford Waits on 16th Decemeber at Holywell.
Anniversary Night
It is 35 years since the start of Oxford Folk Club! So how about we do our favourite song from the last few decades, and if you haven't been to the club for a while then we'd love to see you.
If you are a new visitor then you are just as welcome, so come along and give us something for the future.
Venue to be confirmed but likely British Legion.

Album Launch Josh Newman
Don't miss this special night as we celebrate a first album launch from Josh Newman.
Be there in good time.
£5 entry
Plenty of parking and get your drinks downstairs before the bingo! Club upstairs.

Open/Disaster Night
Friday 13th, so you know what to expect! Plenty of disaster songs around but all music welcome.
8pm onwards at Marston British Legion.
Usual cash contributions for venue rental.


No folk club for a couple of weeks yet, but there is the Bunkfest this weekend.
Look out for the Saturday night session with Lucy and the Singing Train next day!


There is a possibility of an Open Night folk Club this week, but quite alot of people are away so it would be useful if you emailed me if you are interested

St Nicholas Church Hall again, so don't forget your drinks! Be there just before 8pm for a prompt start. All welcome, floor spots and audience. Caroline will be in charge and would love to see you there!
THIS IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING! - sorry, nearly forgot to confirm!
Elsfield Road, Old Marston. Plenty of parking. No fixed entry charge but cash collection for room hire.

No folk club this week - lots of us are busy!
BUT Isis session is on, and also Moonaroon at Harcourt Arms

Folk Weekend Oxford, so probably no club this week.
There are lots of things to go to!
St Patrick's Night
The good news is that we will be having a folk club on St Patrick's Day upstairs at The British Legion, Hadow Road.
There will be plenty of Irish tunes and songs for sure, but any music welcome of course.
Try and be there by 8.15pm so that there is time for a drink and a chat before a prompt start.
Cash contributions for room rent if possible.


Sorry everyone. NO folk club this week. I need to get better enough to organise a new venue. Hoping for 3rd March - somewhere!

We are sorry that there is nowhere to hold a folk club this Friday.
You might be interested in seeing Oxford Waits on Sunday though.

No folk club tonigh, sorry. No room at the inn!

Sorry. No folk club tonight. Venue not available.

No folk club this Friday but we should be back next week.

Bellowhead are on in Oxford of course!
Graham Metcalfe at Oxford Folk Club
Special Thursday Night Club with Graham Metcalfe upstairs at The Port Mahon St Clements.
Cash donations during the interval and at the end but no fixed entry charge. More details to follow, Email if you like.


Special Open Night with visitors from Bonn twinning event.
It is 75 years since Oxford and Bonn became 'twin cities'.
A group of visitors from Bonn Folk Club will be part of this, and they will be performing at the club along with our local musicians. Not to be missed!
NB Venue is the Port Mahon St Clements.

No folk club this week


This is likely to be a night off for us!

All sorts of events around town this weekend as part of FolkWeekendOxford, so there will be no official folk club event but we will probably see lots of you out and about.

No folk club this week, so just enjoy the good weather! Open Night next week.

Unlikely to be a folk club this Friday BUT there will be a session at the Isis Farmhouse.
04/03/2022 be confirmed...
And after the usual mystery surrounding the possibilities of a venue, we will be able to use the upstairs room at the Port Mahon.

Jolly good! Hope to see lots of you there.


Open Night upstairs at the The Port Mahon!


It looks as if we will have to cancel tonight's club, unless a venue suddenly turns up.
Given the severe storm warnings though, it is likely that no-one will want to park their car under the trees of Morrell Avenue, or even Marston Road, so maybe not having a folk club is the best option!
Next week (25th) is booked at the Port Mahon, so see you there.

No Folk Club this week. Next week to be confirmed, but hopefully at the Port Mahon.
I believe there is a session at the Isis Farmhouse marquee if you are prepared for the cold.

No folk club this week. But you can go and see Moonaroon at the Harcourt Arms if you are looking for some music.

Open Night

This week upstairs at the Port Mahon, St Clements/


Probably no club again tonight - there should be an Isis Farmhouse Session though

This will be a night off.
But you can see Moonaroon at the Harcourt Arms!

There will be NO folk club till next week, but you can see Mad March Hares and Moonaroon at a charity concert at
All Saints Church House, New High Street, Headington (upstairs hall)
Friday 19th November 8.00 pm (doors 7.30)
Cash Collection for Asylum Welcome


Sorry everyone, but I nearly forgot to update this listing. There will be no folk club this week, but next week is expected to be at East Oxford Community Centre.
Being November 5th we have given way to Bonfire Night, and also had a very successful night last Friday as an extra!

Another Open Night at East Oxford Community Centre this week, so please come along. Once we get into a regular pattern we will try and get some guest nights too.
Meanwhile a contribution of £2 is suggested as we do pay for the room. Please bring exact change if you can for the moment till we get a card reader up and running!

No club this week, but look out for one on 22nd October

This week will be an Open Night at East Oxford Community Centre. All welcome, singers,musicians,audience
There's lots of space. Come on out!

No folk club this week, but 8th October is very likely. To be confirmed in a few days time.

Friday 24th September

OPEN NIGHT at East Oxford Community Centre

8.30pm - 10.30pm

Come along, play music, listen to music, give your views

We are not quite there yet, but plans are being made to get the club back together in the very near future - so please keep an eye on this website.
Online at Folk Weekend Oxford
I'm sure many of you will have noticed that Oxford is doing an online festival this weekend.
Check in and have a look - there are plenty of free events too.

Well this is not an event, sadly, but just a reminder that it is now exactly one year since we last had a 'normal' folk club night! It was, of course, a Disaster Night, being Friday 13th March. Perhaps we'd better not have any more of them!
Let's hope we can start up again in the not too distant future, so watch this space from time to time.

It looks like there will still be no events for the momemt, but we hope to be back sometime!

Obviously we cannot hold any club nights at the moment. We will be back when we can

to be confirmed

Friday 13th can only mean one thing - Disaster Night! Well, hopefully just the songs.
So everyone welcome, unless you have a cough and fever of course. Let's try and keep all the disasters fictional or historic.
Venue confirmed as East Oxford Community Centre with bar available.
If you are new to the area, there is a car park on Union St close by, free parking when available on bits of Cowley Rd nearby, and if all that fails single yellow line parking at the end of Marston Rd by St Clements Church, about 6 mins walk.

Open Night 8.30pm

Upstairs at the PORT MAHON, with a short meeting from about 8pm to discuss future arrangements for the club.
All welcome - performers and audience.
This is our first meeting of 2020 so please come along. And don't forget that it is Burns Night tomorrow, so there might be a slight Scottish theme.

Apologies, but we are still having difficulties with venue, absences and illness, so are unlikely to open on 17th January, but please check back here just to be sure.
Next week will happen somewhere, to be announced as soon as possible.

There is also a chance that there may be an informal get together/discussion somewhere this Friday, so please email ( if you are interested.

We will be recovering from Christmas and New Year this week, so no folk club!

Open/ Christmas Theme night upstairs in the function room at the Port Mahon.
So expect seasonal songs and silliness and
Oxford City Morris team are to coming to entertain you with their mummers play.
You have been warned!

To be confirmed.
For all sorts of reasons, including the venue being likely to be full of Christmas parties, we are unlikely to meet this week.

Open Night.
Sudden change of venue - we will be at the Half Moon tonight.


There will be no folk club this week.
Apologies for this, but the venue already has 2 events going on.

Session in downstairs lower bar.

Don't forget, although this website gives our location direction to The White House, we are currently holding the club at the Port Mahon, St Clements whenever we can get space there.


Last week we had a fantastic Open Night, and were pleased to have quite a few young people there. Hope to see you again soon! There will be no folk club this week as The Port Mahon is busy with Oxford City Festival. But if that is too heavy for you there is lots going on in town for Oxford Light Festival, with lantern processions on Broad Street and plenty more.
There is also an Irish Music workshop early in the eveningin Florence Park. Beginners (6-7pm) Intermediate-Advanced(7-8pm)


Open Night. Port Mahon. Upstairs in the function room.

Don't forget, although this website gives our location direction to The White House, we are currently holding the club at the Port Mahon, St Clements whenever we can get space there.

Open Night. Downstairs Bar. Port Mahon, St Clements

Feature Night with Dom Prag, a really tuneful and creative guitarist and singer.
"Dom Prag is a great fingerstyle player and songwriter with a fine voice and keen ear for a trad arrangement"

Upstairs function room, Port Mahon, St Clements (on Google Maps. Parking at St Clements car park, Tesco car park, Morrell Ave, or Marston Road) Time for floor spots as this is a Feature Night so come and enjoy the lovely acoustics here.


Open Night
We are hoping to run another Open Session downstairs, but you never know, it may even be upstairs in the Function Room. Port Mahon St Clements

Open Night in Downstairs Bar, Port Mahon
Si Barron at the Port Mahon!
A talented and sensitive guitarist and singer who has become a favourite at Oxford Folk Club.
This event will be held upstairs in the function room at The Port Mahon, St Clements St. Oxford


Open (Disaster) Night
Highly appropriate, please read following message!

We understand that The White House will be closing as of 16th September and for the next few months. We will try and hold the folk club somewhere each week, but as this has been very short notice there may have to be a few changes or even temporary closures. Please consult this page or OxfordFolkClub on Facebook for up to date information as soon as we have it.

Club re-opens with an Open Night
Other Events
Don't forget the Wallingford Bunkfest this weekend, which has lots of wonderful events to choose from.
Also an interesting concert at Adwell House on 1st September with Paitience Vaisey

And sorry, Cats with Banjos was an April/August Fool by website re-constructor


As you can see, the website is now up and running again after various glitches by the hosting company. Thanks to a family member for re-doing it, and also for the Cats with Banjos! (not actually performing!)
The folk club is still on summer break, but don't forget Towersey Festival this weekend.


Open Night.
As this is our last club session before the summer break, we hope to see lots of audience and performers!
NB Next club night will be 6th September.

Open Night

Feature Night, with Jack, Josh and Friends

Open Night

Our 'official' 30 Year Anniversary Night, with Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage.
Sylvia and her late husband Jim were the first guests at our original opening night and then at many subsequent Anniversary Nights
For this slightly late, and very special 30 Year Anniversary Night, Sylvia will be alongside Sandy Stanage, a wonderful guitar player in his own right and brilliant accompanist.


Open Night

Clarke Buehling

Now here's a treat for those who like something a bit different. Clarke Buehling is an internationally respected expert on Old Time Banjo, and a very entertaining performer of Old Time tunes and songs. Quite a character, so please make him welcome as he hasn't been to Oxford since about 1970.


Open Night

Open Night

Open Night
Aunty Mary's Canaries
Ian Giles, Dave Townsend and Caroline Butler. So with 3 names like that you know it's going to be a good night!
Music Hall, Victorian songs and dress, plenty of fun.
Dress up or down as you wish!

Open/Theme Night
With today's date that can only mean one thing!

Tom McConville
World class fiddle playing - songs and tunes.
Our part of Oxford Folk Fringe Festival, so check out the rest of the weekend!


Good Friday Open Night

Open Night

Open Night
Copper Viper
What a find! A fabulous new duo from London with music inspired by both British and American traditions, on fiddle guitar and mandolin.
'Haunting melodies and intricate vocal harmonies" with songs that sound familiar and yet are still unique.
First time at the club, so we need to give them a huge welcome - be there!


Open Night
Open/Theme Night
St Patrick's Night will be just 2 days away, so Irish Night theme if you can manage it. If not, just come and do something else!
We are still over-excited by last week's huge turn-out, so let's keep this up! Don't worry if you just want to be audience either.
The Longest Johns
The Longest Johns.
Our favourite shanty group who "bring a youthful vigour and a touch of bawdy Bristolian humour to their performances of traditional shanties and their own original material".
"After becoming a five-man group in 2015, they've taken their harmonies to new heights, whilst always retaining just the right mix of quality and hilarity"
In other words, you can be sure of a highly entertaining night!
You can reserve by email ( or FB page, or just turn up!


Open Night

Open Night
Jim Causley
Jim Causley, that charming and 'cheeky chappie' (in the nicest possible way!), with a really wonderful voice and a variety of inspiring songs - a fine musician all round.
"The rich bass of Jim Causley - surely one of the most endearing voices to emerge in recent times"

What are you waiting for? Email if you want to reserve 8/7


Open Night
Feature Night
AS IT STANDS (Friday 16.45) WE SHALL OPEN AS EXPECTED TONIGHT AND IAN GILES WILL BE THERE. (further snow ice etc permitting, so watch this space just in case there is a very last minute change)
Tonight's feature will be Ian Giles, yes that's IAN GILES!
So come along for some really mellow songs and singing, no doubt some wonderful harmonies and choruses, and also some great floor spots. Don't miss it!! 4

Burns Night
Open/Theme Night
25th January is actually Burns Night, so a bit of a Scottish theme to get involved with! Any contributions in the form of songs, tunes, or even fancy dress etc all very welcome, with the usual artistic licence. But of course if you can't do any of that don't be put off coming to sing, play or just listen in your usual style!🎻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Open Night

Bob and Gill Berry

They really are the masters of harmony singing, with a wealth of songs in store.


Oxford Folk Club Christmas Party, with all the usual silly clothes, behaviour, snacks and songs.
The Missing Persians
'Original blues, rock and pop performed by four blokes from Oxfordshire' - oh, and folk of course!

"The Missing Persians play a rare Oxford gig, leaving behind their Marshall stacks and Dry Ice machines for an intimate gig in the upstairs room at the White House. Expect great songs, great harmonies and other acoustic wizardry from one of Oxford's premier original music bands."


Open Night

Open Night

Rosie Hood with Lucy Huzzard


Open/Theme Night
As this Friday is so close to the special anniversary of the end of WW1 you can probably guess the theme! There will be the usual freedom of expression of course, so any songs about wars, effects of war on others etc will be perfect.
We are specially hoping to see some of the regulars from Jack's 2nd Mon session if they can make it, and perhaps some other surprise guests!
Brian Peters
Vocalist, guitarist and melodeon player of traditional music and ballads. A fantastic musician who we haven't seen here for a while.

Steve Tilston
One of the best singer songwriters and guitarists in UK and a favourite performer here.
Tonight Steve will be accompanied by Hugh Bradley on double bass, so it should be magical.
Reserve entry if possible ( to be sure of getting in.
Right now there is still plenty of space available.


Open Night
Open/Theme Night
...and the theme is (at very short notice unless you were at the club last week)..Seasonal Wind & Weather!
But if you can't manage that then come and sing/play anyway! All welcome.

Open Night
Graham Metcalfe
Yes, the 'Mighty Metcalfe' will be back with us for the evening
Stand by for an evening of songs, choruses and harmonies, and old friends and new.


Open Night.
This will be our first week back after the summer break. Be there!


Open/Disaster Night.
It's Friday 13th!!

Open Night

Martyn Wyndham Read
Wonderful songs and voice and a great knowledge of Australian folk songs and stories.


Open Night
Celebration of Bloomsday
Bloomsday Event.

All the usual delights of a Bloomsday Celebration, with Mick Henry, Bernard O'Donaghue and friends. Readings and music. 5/3 (club regulars)
Yes, we know it's a day early but it will be a lovely evening!
Odette Michell Feature
This will be a Feature Night, with a couple of sets from Odette and also plenty of time for floor spots.
Odette has plenty of both traditional and contemporary songs for us, so come and support her on her first visit to Oxford Folk Club. Just 4 for a fabulous evening's entertainment!


Open Night
Belshazzar's Feast
Well worth the wait!
Tickets for this Friday have pretty much sold out. If you want to try and get in on the door there should be just a few places available once ticket/reservation holders have got in.

Tyburn Road: Ian Giles & Dave Townsend
Both wonderful musicians in their own right, and fabulous as a duo! Mellow vocals and brilliant concertina playing and some of the best traditional songs.


Open Night

Special Folk Weekend Oxford Open Night.

As the festival weekend gets under way it is an excellent time to welcome the extra musicians in town to come and do a couple of tunes/songs at the club, and hear some of our regulars too. Always a good night!
We will try and get all visitors a floor spot, but email if you prefer to book.
Usual 2 entry.


Stanley Accrington
Apparently he is going to 'culturally terrorise the good citizens of Oxford' so you have been warned! And as it's Friday 13th who knows what will happen - but it will a fun night for sure.


Open Night

Open Night

Nick Dow
Very much one our favourite performers, a wonderful
voice and a great collector of music from the British Isles. Some skillful and sensitive guitar accompaniment too.

Open/Theme Night
The day before St Patrick's Day!
So an Irish theme tonight. All welcome.
Open/Feature Night
Young Folk Night

Tonight will be an Open Night so all are welcome, but we are spotlighting some of the younger performers in Oxford including Josh Newman and friends, and of course anyone else who would like to take part. (regardless of age!)
Usual Open Night entry of 2.

The Mad Marston Hares
present a lively mix of traditional American and Celtic songs and tunes, using a variety of fiddle, guitar and banjo styles.

Open/Theme Night
It's close to Valentine's Day, so guess what the theme is....

Open Night
Three Pressed Men
Three Pressed Men
Songs, tunes, harmonies, concertinas and more!
Expect a lively night from this local band.

Open/Theme Night
This is close enough to Burns' Night for some Scottish numbers!

Open Night
Louise Jordan
"Louise Jordan fascinates and entertains, mixing hope with heartbreak through her acute observations of the everyday and extraordinary."
She is indeed a forceful and class act, and has become better known recently with her CD and tour 'No petticoats here'.
No doubt we'll be hearing some of the songs from that at the club.Please come and give your support to one of England's great young performers.


Bob and Gill Berry

Exquisite harmony singing

Open Night
Christmas Party
Expect all the usual songs, merriment, snacks and extended raffle, plus a visit from Oxford City Mummers doing their Christmas show.
And of course, everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a regular at the club. Usual Open Night 2 entry.
Floor spots welcome as usual, and I believe we shall be having a song from Alice, who we haven't seen before!

Met Together
'Met Together' - who are Ian Giles, Phil & Sophie Thurlman, Ed Pritchard and Toby Goss.
A pre-Christmas special for us to enjoy!


Open Night
The Foxglove Trio
Foxglove Trio play enchanting and creative versions of traditional (including Welsh) and some contemporary music with cello, melodeon and vocals. Fabulous!


Open Night

Mike Wilson & Damien Barber
Mike Wilson (the Wilson Family) and Damien Barber, (the Demon Barbers) - two of the finest exponents of traditional song in the UK. Great voices, harmonies, concertina, guitar.


Open Night

Pete Orton
A unique folk entertainment with some very creative folk humour. If you've never seen him before, then it's time to come and enjoy it, songs, hats, choruses and all.

Dipper Malkin
John Dipper and Dave Malkin,
a wonderful combination of viola damore and guitar and vocals.


Open Night

Irwing Brown Acty.
In other words - Lorraine, Sue and Jo!
Either way, it's going to be a night of perfect and inventive harmonies and fine renditions so don't miss it.

Open/Feature Night
As Graham Metcalfe is in town tonight we are going to get him to do a couple of feature slots. So come along and enjoy the songs and all the fun of an Open Night too. There should be time for floor spots.


We are still on holiday for another couple of weeks, but don't forget Towersey Festival this weekend.

Open Night - with a bit of a feature from Joe Ricke who will be on his annual visit from USA, and who knows what else!
Usual £2 entry and floor spots welcome.
Granny's Attic
Yes, we've been trying to book this excellent young band for some time, so don't miss them.

The folk club will be hosting the ever popular Bloomsday celebrations of the life and works of James Joyce.
This will be a night of Irish music, song and readings with all the usual suspects - Mick Henry, Bernard O'Donoghue, Keith Hopper, and Tom Paulin, along with John Pethica and John Rayneau.
Always popular so make sure you arrive on time.
Door 5/3 concessions (including folk club regulars)

Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey harmoniously blend the wonderfully clear, sensitive vocal talents of Karen Harris with the huge vocal presence that is Bill Wilkes.
In case you are still wondering who they are, they were half of Gu4, a superb 4 part harmony group who were very popular at the club

Theme Night.
There have been several requests for a theme night that originated at Maidenhead Folk Club, so this week we will be having a 'Willy Night'.
Make your own decisions on how to interpret this, with the usual artistic licence!
Oxford Waits
There can be no doubt that this is going to be another evening of great entertainment - historic costume, an array of instruments, and lots of good songs and humour. With Edward Fitzgibbon, Tim Healey, Caroline Butler, Edwin Pritchard &
Ian Giles.
Apparently we can expect a fair amount of 'smuttiness' too.


Feature Night
With songs old and new from Nick Shephard - lovely melodies and guitar playing. There will be some favourite songs for certain! Floor spots too of course. 3
Special Singers and Musicians Night FolkWeekendOxford
This Friday is the start of FolkWeekendOxford ao we are having a Singers & Musicians/Come all Ye Night.
As usual we will be welcoming all musicians and audience, visiting or local. There should be a chance for lots of different floorspots, and hopefully some from those who have come for the weekend. Usual 2 Open Night charge.
Open 'Woodside' Night'
Yes, we are open on Good Friday this year, and it will be a very special Open Night to make music in memory of the late Ian Woods. Many of you will remember him as a real 'folk' character with a very fine voice, and also as part of the trio GMW. It's going to be a real 'send off' for Woodsie, with Graham Metcalfe coming from Canada to assist, along with, hopefully, Ian Giles and musicians and friends. Music, memories and even mirth, and possibly a dash of port!
Don't be put off coming if you didn't know Ian, any tunes and songs will be very welcome as will all comers.

Feature Night
Prepare yourselves for a good sing with the 'Eynsham Boys', who are Robin Saunders, Toby Goss, and Ian Sheppard.
Time for floor spots too, of course!


Tonight being actually on St Patrick's Day there will be no prizes for guessing the theme! Irish songs and tunes recommended.

Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow


Open Night

Mike Nicholson - with a fine rich baritone voice and atmospheric delivery of songs old and new.

The Longest Johns
A young shanty group from Bristol (recently on Gareth Malone's Choir!) who do a great evening of songs, choruses and good fun.

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner
So to cheer up January, Lynne and Pat, with their "unique blend of stunning song and harmony, and a humour which takes their audience on a roller-coaster ride - "everything from high tragedy to ingenious smut in glorious vocal harmony!"
With a variety of instruments too, including all sorts of whistles and no doubt some silly things too. You have been warned!


Open Night
Disaster Night
Always a favourite of theme nights! Get those disaster songs ready, with the usual artistic licence if you can't think of any.

Christmas Party
Suddenly it's nearly Christmas, which can only mean one thing - time for our annual Christmas Party with the usual seasonal songs, snacks and quite possibly some silliness! No doubt there will be a special raffle too, so come and join the fun - the party is for everyone, not just regular clubbers, and all for the usual Open Night price of a mere 2.
Ian Giles
Yes, it's all true, we really do have Ian Giles as our guest this week! What better way to see us through some of the darkest days of the year than listening to all those mellow songs and joining in the best of choruses. So be excited already and definitely don't miss this one, even if you have to go to a Christmas party first.


Open Night
Paul Wilson & Marilyn Tucker
Paul Wilson and Marilyn Tucker from the Wren Trust in Devon, with a support by Peggy Seeger.
Paul & Marilyn are this year's EFDSS Gold badge award winners.
Strong harmonies and instrumental backing on fine songs.


Open Night
Xogara - hailing from Oxford via Galicia, Wales, and the West Country, with some fabulous tunes, songs and instruments to match.


Open Night
Andy Irvine
Legendary and absolutely unequalled. This is a rare appearance in Oxford so if you want to reserve entry then please email/phone. Tickets also available to buy at the club from 30th September.
It should be possible to get in on the night anyway, but it helps to have an idea of numbers.

Open/Theme Night
Tonight we will be having a bit of an Autumn theme, so come and join us. (theme is non-obligatory as usual of course!)

Open Night
Si Barron
A really exceptional singer and guitarist, doing mostly traditional material.


Graham Metcalfe
Our favourite Yorkshireman back from Canada for a brief visit so take your seats early for what will no doubt be a packed and memorable evening.
And for those new to the Graham Metcalfe story just come and listen and join in with some of the best songs and choruses to be found.


Open Night and this will be our last until September, so hope lots of you can make it.

Open Night

Open Night
Not so much a concert as an evening of reminiscences, talk, questions, and song requests. Relaxed entertainment and fun guaranteed! Peggy is on great form so come and see her in a local and unique environment.

Celebration of Bloomsday
Feature Night
Bloomsday Celebrations with Mick Henry and Friends.
An evening of Irish music and poetry to celebrate (one day late) the works of James Joyce. Readings from Bernard O'Donaghue, Tom Paulin and Keith Hopper, and plenty of tunes and songs too.
Steve Turner
Well known for being a 'great singer and interpreter of folk song 'and also for his excellent English concertina song accompaniments. He is pretty good on the cittern too!


Another Open Night!!
The Brokedown Palace
harmony-laden, Appalachian white gospel folkie stuff
with Nick Barraclough, Chris Cox, Steve Reynolds, and Lizzie Taylor & Phil Meyler on vocals.
A rare opportunity to see them in Oxford.

Theme Night
Being Friday 13th it will be a Disaster Theme Night, of course!!
Usual artistic licence and interpretation, so if you don't have any disaster numbers then don't panic.
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
who "effortlessly blend traditional material with contemporary sounds".
Guitar, vocals, nyckelharpa,pipes.

Feature Night
Tonight we will be featuring Discovery Duo, so it promises to be a superb night with Jeff and Elaine Gillett - songs,(especially from Gloucestershire) beautiful guitar playing, and more.
Theme Night
This could be the opportunity for some 'foolish' songs!
Bob Fox
Bob Fox has been very busy in recent years due to his appearances in War Horse and we have been promising to get him for some time now. So finally, "one of the truly great voices from the North East with musicianship second to none".
For those who want the best price, tickets will be available at the club on 11th March. Also available on the door.

Duck Baker and Helen Roche
One of the most respected fingerstyle guitarists on both sides of the Atlantic playing a variety of tunes, along with Helen, doing some of her favourite Irish songs. So two great talents and a stunning range of material.

Feature Night
Featuring Crew of Two, otherwise known as Isobel and Syd who will be doing plenty of shanties for you to join in with. There will be plenty of time for floor spots too, so there should be something for everyone tonight!
Well known to most of us in Oxford as "Squeezy John", he is of course, one of the leading squeezebox players of his generation. His solo gigs have been going down a storm, with the Guardian commenting on the triumph of "his blend of elegant, rhythmic and virtuoso playing and easygoing folk club banter." Just don't miss this one!
FRIDAY 16.30 We can't guarantee any more places at this stage, but you may be able to get in on the door once reservation holders are in. It may be just standing room or on cushions at the front. Hope we can get you all sorted!


Open Night
Nick Dow
Nick Dow can do traditional song and accompaniment like no other, with many a story attached. He came to the club a couple of years ago after a very long gap, and we were amazed at the freshness and depth of his songs and the intricate guitar work that went with them. For those who missed him last time and the many who requested him back, Nick is here again at the Oxford Folk Club.


Open Night

For obvious reasons (no doubt including exhaustion and hangover) we have decided not to have a folk club on New Year's Day. See you next week.
Christmas Party
Time for our annual night of party fun and frolics - with a mummers play by Oxford City Morris, party snacks in the interval, loads of raffle prizes, and probably some seasonal songs to finish with. Everybody is welcome of course - you don't need to be a club regular or performer. Fancy dress encouraged. All for the usual 2.
Singers & Musicians Night
As most of them should be back this week! Time for more seasonal songs before the Christmas Party gets going next week.
And of course, you don't need to be a performer to come and enjoy all the music.

NB Well done if you spotted the previous mistake on the date - this Friday is 11th Dec, as nearly all of us know!

Open Night

Rory Evans.
Rory is an outstanding young guitarist and also a great entertainer and completely at ease with his audience. See him while you can!

Ruth & Sadie Price
Some stunningly perfect sibling harmonies and plenty of Yorkshire songs - a rare appearance in the south and a first time at the club for Ruth & Sadie. This is a real 'not to be missed' night.


Open Night
Open/Theme Night
It does seem quite likely that ghosts/spirits/Halloween might feature a bit in tonight's musical offerings!
Dressing up is encouraged too!

Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham
They did a memorable set of songs at the Sidney Carter Concert earlier this year. This might come as a surprise to some of you, as Keith and Sylvia are well known for traditional songs with lovely harmonies. So expect an evening of good music and song - with a variety of styles!

Open/Theme Night
..and the theme is autumn! What a surprise. Don't panic if you don't have quite the right songs/tunes - artistic licence is always permitted/encouraged! Come along and join us, last week was brilliant.
Blossom Hill
Our favourite bluegrass band!

Feature Night
Open/Feature Night with Short Drag Roger, so some rousing shanties and choruses!

The Oxford Waits
'Through the Seasons' with the Oxford Waits: Come on a journey through the year in 17th-century song, music, and spoken word. With Ian Giles, Tim Healey, Ed Pritchard, Caroline Butler and Edward Fitzgibbon.

Prepare for a totally entertaining evening with the Oxford Waits Admission 7


Open Night

Open Night

Sylvia Barnes & Sandy Stanage.
Sylvia Barnes is a superb Scottish singer, and those of you who used to come to the club some years ago will remember that she always performed on Anniversary Night. It will be wonderful to see her again on this brief tour from Scotland, along with guitar maestro,Sandy Stanage.

The Foxglove Trio
The Foxglove Trio - a group of multi-instrumentalists who perform mostly traditional songs from around the British Isles in English and Welsh.

Open/Theme Night
No prizes for guessing tonight's theme.
So any songs about May - artistic licence allowed!


Festival Weekend Open Night.
We always welcome visiting performers to the club, so if you are in town for the folk weekend then please come along and we should be able to give you a floorspot. (you can contact us beforehand if you prefer)
Stand by for some fabulous music - melodeon, fiddle and vocals. Saul (Faustus) & James (Mawkin) are travelling a long way to do this gig and we are very excited about it - let's try and get them a huge audience.


We are in fact now going to open this Good Friday, so plenty of space for singers and audience.
We are apparently getting yet another new manager at the pub, so always watch this space! Hopefully food will be on the pub menu again soon.
Feature Night
Tonight we will be featuring Tom Blackburn,just in case you haven't seen him before, playing exquisite finger-style guitar and mostly traditional songs. It's going to be a great night.
There will be time for floor spots too, so come along.

Open/Theme Night
And it is, of course, DISASTER NIGHT, being Friday 13th March. Bring out all those songs of epic disasters.

Tom Lewis - songs, stories and choruses of the sea.

Award-winning young duo from Dorset, 'impressing audiences across the country with their innovative and captivating take on the folk tradition'.
Look out for those close harmonies!

Jez Lowe is one of the most prominent and creative song writers on the folk scene and also one of its best live performers.
There are still places available at 7 on the door. (or contact to reserve)




Open Night
Theme Night
An Open Night with some hints of Robbie Burns from those that can manage it.
The Missing Persians
Now here's an inspirational line-up, and it includes a few familiar faces. John Keston-Hole, Chris Cox, Nick Clack & Chas Maguire, collectively known as The Missing Persians will be here with some creative guitar work, lyrics and cheeky rhythms, all pretty much unplugged for tonight. Americana and blues - all for 5.


Open Night

Open Night
Christmas Party
Yes, it's that time of year again! Don't miss our usual dose of songs, tunes, fancy dress, snacks, carols, and of course, the usual 'endless' raffle.
All for 2 - everyone welcome, even if you have never been before.

Late news - there is a rumour that 'Eartha Kitt' might be with us briefly, and another famous look-alike!

Stanley Accrington - you have been warned!

"Stanley emerged from the dark days of the late 1970's and has been terrorising the cultural world ever since."

Expect some significantly silly songs and verses, with a few serious ones in between - just to confuse you!


Open Night
Magpie Lane
So here they are, in their own local folk club -
'quite the best offering of English traditional songs and dance tunes' that is on the scene today.

Matt Green, Andy Turner, Sophie Thurman, Ian Giles, and Jon Fletcher.
Don't miss them!


Open Night
Change to Programme
Apologies, but we have decided to cancel tonight's Theme Night as the room has been booked for Hallowe'en. (not the fault of the present management at all though but a previous double booking)
We will be having an Open Night next week, so there is still time for those theme songs!
Feature Night with Si Barron
An exquisite guitarist with some fine traditional songs.

This will be a Feature Night, so there will be plenty of time for floor spots.

Please come and support. 4

Martyn Wyndham-Read
Mellow voice, fine guitarist, and plenty of Australian and English songs to warm up the evening. He really knows how to find and sing a good song - a "justifiably respected veteran!"

Guitar, fiddle and vocals - always a great combination.
Good songs and lively tunes, entertainment in a relaxed and catchy style.

Special Feature Night with Mr. Graham Metcalfe
Back from Canada for a few weeks, so it's
time to catch up with some of those old songs and choruses, and old friends too.
An opportunity not to be missed.

Theme Night
Hoping you might bring out an appropriate song for 4th July, but freedom of choice as usual!
Gerry Hallom
Well known for his interpretations of traditional Australian and English songs, as well as his own compositions, Gerry is back on the folk scene with his store of superb songs. He has chosen to do the gig for charity, and his whole guest fee and expenses will go to Centrepoint (charity for young people). Please come and support - we suggest the usual 6/5 admission, but feel free to give what you wish. It will be a great night.

Open / Disaster Night
Friday 13th again, so disaster songs welcome!

And while we're on the subject, apologies for various changes to the programme that you might have in Shire Folk or leaflets. These have been the result of pub management changes, and also by difficulties encountered by performers. Hopefully things are now more stable, but website is usually up to date.
A band with the distinctive sound of harmony vocals accompanied by concertina, guitar and strings


Open Night at The White House. Singers, musicians and audience all welcome. Please join us - 8.30pm onwards.
Nick Dow
A name you might remember from some time ago - Nick has a fabulous voice, set off by superb guitar playing and a warm style and an amazing background setting to his songs. We are expecting a fairly trad folk set tonight, but you never know what might happen - Nick is also a blues player and DJ at Radio Lancashire.

Belshazzar's Feast
Belshazzar's Feast.
The 'Whitings on the Wall' tour and definitely NOT to be missed, celebrating 20 years of Belshazzar's. One of folks great odd couples The Feast. Expect brilliant music, some dangerously funny stories, and quite a crowd.
Tickets available at 8 on the door but to be sure of getting in reservations can be made by emailing
Start time 8.30pm (not 7.30 as stated on their website) so please be there a bit before that so that we can attempt to open on time.

Singers & Musicians Night
This Friday will be the first night of Folk Weekend Oxford, and we encourage all performers to come along to the club - locals and those visiting. There will be plenty of time for floor spots, but if you are in town for the weekend and want to let us know ahead, then please phone or email.
ALSO - we will have a new landlord this week who is opening for us this Friday ahead of his plans, so PLEASE come and support him.
Notts Alliance
Don't miss the return of one of our favourite harmony groups. Expect tight and inventive harmonies and a witty and entertaining night. Please come along - there will be floor spots too.

Geoff Higginbottom
Great vocals, guitar, choruses, and humour.
Always a superb evenings entertainment.

THe Oxford Waits
A very well known local band, but this is their first visit to the club, with Tim Healey, Ian Giles, Ed Pritchard, Ed Fitzgibbon and
Caroline Butler.

Ron Taylor & Jeff Gillett
Brilliant guitar work and vocals from Geoff, and the mellowest of vocals from Ron. Long awaited return visit.


Open Night
Feature & Theme Night with the Three Pressed Men
No prizes for guessing the theme, though the usual non-obligatory arrangements apply!
In addition we will be featuring the Three Pressed Men, who might have been working on s few romantic harmony numbers for the occasion.
So it looks like being a thoroughly good night.
and...the Abingdon Road is OPEN
Far From Home
A local band playing a mixture of blues, country, Irish and roots music - fiddles, accordion, bass, guitars, vocals. Going to be a good night!


Open Night

Theme Night
This is as close as we're going to get to Burns Night this year, so dig out your Scottish tunes and songs

Theme Night
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner
"everything from high tragedy to ingenious smut in glorious vocal harmony!"

Christmas Party
As usual everyone is welcome to join us for our Christmas Party night - you don't need to be a regular or a performer to come and join in. There will no doubt be the usual silliness, snacks, floor spots, extra long raffle, carols, and DEFINITELY a visit from the Oxford City Morris Mummers.
So it looks like it will be a memorable night - hope to see you.
Open / Disaster Night
As it will be Friday 13th (again!) then not an ordinary night, but a Disaster Night. All songs and tunes with any disaster connection specially welcome!
So stand by for a really cheerful evening.
Beautiful harmonies with accompaniments on the accordion, ukulele, guitar, violin and flute from three young ladies from Hertfordshire

Worked it out - The Oxford Folk Club will be 25 today, so this is turning into a very special event. There will be lots of floor spots and perhaps some slightly longer ones if we haven't seen you for ages. Expect to see people from now and then, but newcomers are still especially welcome as usual - all acoustic music - folk, blues, contemporary and traditional.
Blossom Hill Bluegrass

Not the wine this time, but even better - a lively Bluegrass Band with Richard Holland, Sheryl & Gary Payne.
Richard used to be a regular on the Oxford scene, along with his banjo, so this is a welcome return for the now Winchester based musician.


Theme/Open Night - we will definitely be at The White House which will have a new landlord!
As we are unable to get Les Barker back for this occasion it will mean that there will be lots of space available for performers.
Theme will be Halloween, but as usual, is non-obligatory!

The Longest Johns
"The Longest Johns is a four-man, a capella folk music band, born out of a mutual love of traditional folk songs and shanties"

Exciting! New to the folk club. Come and support 4 young men and lots of shanties! They were recently described in Holland as "the discovery of the festival" and are going to be absolutely great.

Martin Carthy
This is getting very short of space now - there will be just a few places available on the door if you haven't reserved.

Troubshort & Turnipseed
Fresh from the southern side of Didcot, Abner Turnipseed on guitar, dulcimer, vacuum cleaner and more (or less), and Reg Troubshort on banjo, mandolin, mega cone etc. All with a "mix of tunes, songs, comedy, gardening tips, railroad memorabilia etc."
A Feature Night you really can't miss.

Wallingford Bunkfest
We are still on holiday at the Oxford Folk Club, but don't forget the Bunkfest at Wallingford from 30th August till Sunday 1st Sept - lots of free events, sessions, and of course, the Singing Train! (hosted by Lucy on Saturday 31st at 11am and 12 noon)

Special extra night with a visit from a Norwegian fiddle group. £2
Feature Night
One of the best acts around the area with some added White House fiddle and guitar.
Folk, blues and beyond - for the hottest night this year.
Time for floor spots too.
James Fagan & Nancy Kerr
Warning! Spectacular evening to come!
"They are renowned for their beautiful and at times breathtaking instrumentals, strong harmony singing, original and fulsome arrangements and their love of live performance."

Still some space for this event.

Theme Night
And the theme will, of course, be midsummer. See what you can think up to perform!
Annual Bloomsday Celebration
An added extra! Tonight (Saturday) our venue The White House Abingdon Road, Oxford will be hosting the 33rd Annual Bloomsday Celebration,
this year to be held the eve of Bloomsday.
with Tom Paulin, Bernard O'Donoghue, Keith Hopper and Iggy McGovern. Irish Music and song with Mick Henry and friends.
£5 door entry. 8pm
Further details from Mick Henry 07802415667 or folk club contact

Dana & Susan Robinson
New Songs of rural America and Old Time Mountain Music

Emily & The Tunesmiths
Don't miss this performance by a fabulous and youthful trio, with pipes, harp, flutes and vocals. 5/4
There should be time for some floor spots too!

Pete Coe
Always a great evening with Pete Coe - energetic, enthusiastic entertainment, yet with vast experience and accomplishment. One not to miss!

NB - if you haven't been to the club for a while (or before) the pub is now called The White House!

Theme Night
Surprise, surprise - the theme is May. Creative use of the word is allowed, as usual.
Steve Turner
And just to contradict any previous announcements and any historical tradition, we are going to be here even though it is Good Friday, so please come and join us.
What's more, we are going to have Steve Turner as guest (NB move from 22nd March) with a wonderful selection of mostly English traditional songs with strings or reeds to accompany.

Feature Night
A sort of delayed St. Patrick's Night featuring Mick Henry & Friends.
The usual 'Bit of a Do', with Irish songs and music and floor spots too. Come and join in and enjoy the fun - and the Guinness is excellent at the Folly Bridge.
NB Steve Turner is now on next week


Definitely be here! Guess's an Open Night!
PLEASE come and support this club - we need to show our new landlord that there are plenty of us and that we can drink.
For those of you who haven't been lately, we have had some great nights recently with lots of performers and audience.
Stanley Accrington
"Stanley emerged from the dark days of the late 1970's and has been terrorising the cultural world ever since."
In fact, since he took us by surprise with a floor spot in the autumn we haven't quite recovered, so we've asked him back to do an evening of silly and even sillier songs and verses, with maybe a serious one now and again. (just to confuse us all)
Ian Giles & Dave Townsend
A sublime blend of two of Oxford's best known and loved performers - Ian Giles (vocals) and Dave Townsend (concertina)

This event is HAPPENING!
Open/Theme Night
So to welcome in the New Year at the Oxford Folk Club, make sure you have all those songs and tunes ready.
Christmas Party
The now famous Oxford Folk Club Christmas Party. (famous for silliness and endless raffle prizes for a start) This year there will be extra entertainment from the Oxford Village Band, and they will probably lead us in some carols too. Plus the usual floor-spots, silly hats and snacks. All for £2, and everyone is welcome - you don't need to be a member.
Jackie Oates
We are thrilled that Jackie will be doing the guest spot at the club this week, so make sure you take this opportunity to see her at our intimate and friendly venue.
Hailed as the 'sweetest voice of her generation of English folkies' and with a clear style of fiddle playing to match, this will be a real treat for us all.

Special Feature/Theme Night with Jake Wilson
Now this is a special Feature/Theme Night. It is 100 years since Captain Scott and his team were all lost after completing their journey to the South Pole. Jake Wilson will be coming to Oxford specially and presenting his own five songs and readings about this expedition, but we would also like to hear some songs of expeditions and cold weather from the floor spots too. (but if you can't think of any please come anyway!)

Unstrung Heroes
We are very excited about seeing Unstrung Heroes at Oxford Folk Club for the first time. This is partly because many of us know Pete Acty from the early days of the Oxford Folk Club, and remember his impact as a fantastic guitar and banjo player. Add to that the 'Lakeman effect' of Geoff (father of Sean, Seth & Sam) and the wonderful tones of Steve Potter on violin and mandolin, and it should be a full house. Might even be worth reserving a place!

Feature Night £3.50
The Green Children of Wolfpit

A young band playing exciting traditional music and songs with Celtic harp, fiddle, guitar, and superb harmonies. All for 3.50 and time for floorspots too.

Meantime,a big thanks to all who came to last week's Open Night - we had a brilliant array of floor spots, and an appreciative and fun audience. Please come again!

Steve Tyler & Andy Clarke
Traditional song from the British Isles with with Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, Guitar, Bouzouki and Cittern

Ewan McLennan
If this is a name you haven't heard of before, then now is the time to come and listen. Not only is he a stunning guitarist but also his rendition of mostly Scottish influenced songs is just perfect, with a combination of some very well known traditional ones interspersed with more modern numbers.
A wonderful young singer from Scotland - one to watch.

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
with some fabulous music on Scottish smallpipes, accordion and Swedish nyckelharpa - traditional and contemporary, and with both instrumentals and vocals.

Wallingford Bunkfest
Another week till Oxford Folk Club re-starts, but don't forget it will be the Wallingford Bunkfest this weekend, with lots of events and sessions.
NB Ed Pritchard will be hosting as English tunes session at the Comrades Club, Hart St/Wood St, at the Wallingford Bunkfest this coming Sunday, from midday to 4 pm

Oxford Folk Club is still on holiday, but don't forget it is Towersey Festival this weekend and Wallingford Bunkfest next weekend
Summer Session
After a very lively few months this will be our last night of the season.
Don't forget that we'll be back on 7th SEPTEMBER.
There will be various things happening in the area over the summer, eg Sundays at The Half Moon, St Clements, and the Wallingford Bunkfest, which is the last weekend in August.
Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators
Without a doubt the smoothest sound around - a class act of musical entertainment.

Feature Night
A chance to hear a bit more of Rory Evans, one of the best young guitarists in the area.
Notts Alliance
Absolutely fabulous harmony singing from the three lads from Nottingham.

Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing CD Launch
Everyone is invited of course! To celebrate the launch of their new CD, The 13th Bedroom, Lorraine & Sue will be singing at this special feature evening that will also include performances from various talented locals, and the chance of a special appearance from the marvellous Mr Graham Metcalfe.

Peggy Seeger
'A singer and multi-instrumentalist, she is considered to be one of North America's finest female folksingers.'
It is advisable to reserve for this event.

Steve Tilston
A very special singer/songwriter, and winner of this year's folk awards for 'The Reckoning".
It's the start of FolkWeekend Oxford too.

Duck Baker with Helen Roche
One of the most highly regarded fingerstyle guitarists of his generation, and he will be joined by Helen Roche singing mostly Celtic traditional songs.
Contact if you want to reserve entry - it might just be busy and gives us an idea of how many to expect!

Theme Night
Day before St Patrick's Day, when you probably won't be able to get into a pub anyway, so time to celebrate early!
Geoff Higginbottom
Yes, we really are having two guest nights in a row - it is a leap year after all.
And a personality (and voice) big enough to handle that is definitely Geoff Higginbottom.

Ian Giles, Phil & Sophie Thurman, Ed Pritchard
whose combined talents make up the awesome 'Met Together'. Familiar faces, with some well-loved songs and tunes - an evening you won't want to miss.

Wendy Arrowsmith
doing a superb variety of both Scottish and English and also some of her own songs.

Theme Night
25th January marks the annual celebration of Robert Burns, so this is pretty close. Any musical offerings to the Scottish National poet will be appreciated, though there will be plenty of artistic licence as usual!
Jez Lowe
Writer of some of the most memorable songs and top rate performer. Don't miss him.
We are happy to reserve tickets if you contact by email or phone, but hope to get everyone in.

Disaster Night
Well, folkies seem to love songs of disastrous occurrences, so Friday 13th is just the night to do them, though disaster will not necessarily follow if you want to do something more cheerful!

And apologies for the near disaster of failing to update the website till now!
Open/Theme Night
So to welcome the New Year have all those songs and tunes ready.
Christmas Party
Not just any party either, with The Oxford City Mummers doing their Christmas 'performance'and lots of local floor spots including Three Pressed Men.
There will be the usual frivolity and indulgences, with extra (silly?) raffle prizes and tempting Christmas snacks.
Pilgrims' Way
Don't miss this fabulous trio with a selection of instruments and vocals.
'Refreshingly original, reassuringly traditional' and becoming very well-known on the folk circuit.

So tonight will be a Feature Night with a couple of spots from Bill Crumly. Bill is a veteran of the early Towersey Festivals, and has a repertoire of both serious and seriously comic songs. These days he is rarely seen outside the limits of the Marston Road, so this is an experience not to miss!
There will be plenty of time for floor spots too.
Martyn Wyndham-Read
Wonderful mellow songs of the Australian plains to warm a November evening.
Pat Turner & Lynne Heraud
Harmony and humour
Martin Carthy £8
One of the world's greatest folk musicians returns to our folk club.
There should be a few places available on the door but we cannot guarantee until we have accommodated those who have already reserved or bought tickets. Don't give up quite yet! Be there before 8.30pm
NB If anyone has reservations which they no longer need, PLEASE let us know.

Feature Night/The Guitar Boys
During the last few weeks of our summer season, when many of our regular performers had slipped away on holiday, we were lucky to have loyal support from our local 'Guitar Boys' who delighted many an audience with their virtuoso performances.
Tonight they get chance to do their own thing, individually or together, as a special feature, with Pete Joshua, John Soul, Tony Batey, Lewis Newcombe, Chris Ayres & Jeff Young.
How good is that! Don't miss it.
Rachel & Lillias
Rachel & Lillias are two parts of the all-female line up, The Shee, with influences from the Highlands of Scotland to the Borders and beyond, incorporating both Gaelic and English songs with traditional and contemporary melodies.
Voice, harp and flute.

Graham Metcalfe
A welcome return from our favourite Yorkshireman now based in Canada. So get your voices ready, order a pint of the best, and prepare to squeeze into every last space our club room can offer.
And don't forget it is our first night back after the summer break - it will be quite an event.

Don't forget that this festival is on all weekend, lots of fun and many free events.
Tickets will be available for the 'Singing Train', with bluegrass onboard.
Wallingford Bunkfest
No Oxford Folk Club till next weekend, but you might want to go and take a look at the Wallingford BunkFest which is on all this weekend.
Lucy (from the club), will be master-piloting the Singing Train Session at 13.05 and 14.05, and passengers and musicians are welcome.
Summer Open Session
And will be happening.
Please come along and enjoy our last meeting of the summer season. It may be a bit less formal than usual, so time to sing, play, or just listen and relax.
After that we will be on holiday till 9th September
Open / Feature Night
Not quite the Summer break yet, so watch this space!
Bob & Gill Berry

Mini Irish Festival Oxford
Pat Ludford at the Black Swan Crown Street Oxford - Irish ballads and humour!
The folk club has been very happy to work alongside the Irish Festival in Oxford. It has already proved to be highly successful with lots of good times for all.
Please join Pat at the Black Swan and/or a bit of a session at the Half Moon, on Saturday Night around 9pm
Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh
First class Irish harp and guitar and vocals to celebrate Irish Festival week in Oxford.
This is a very rare opportunity to see Maire and Chris in a folk club setting, so don't miss it. You can reserve tickets by email using contact details from this site, or by phone 01865 768128 or 761110 or you can buy them on the door on Friday

Mini Irish Festival Oxford
Wednesday 15th marks the start of this Irish Festival with an opening at The Half Moon St Clements 9pm
Thursday 16th Annual celebration of Bloomsday with Tom Paulin, Bernard O'Donaghue and Irish singers and musicians. FOLLY BRIDGE INN 8pm
Graham & Eileen Pratt
An absolute treat - clear and harmonic singing from Graham & Eileen.

Session at the Half Moon

Magpie Lane
"Magpie Lane perform traditional English music and song. They combine powerful vocals
with vigorous dance tunes - inventive arrangements on acoustic instruments."

And...they are, of course, great favourites in Oxford, both individually and as part of the band.
May is a great month for traditional English music, so be sure to be part of what is bound to be a memorable event! Reservation by phone/email is encouraged(it helps to know roughly how many chairs to put out!)but not essential.

Dana & Susan Robinson
"Rural America explored with elegant simplicity." We are very pleased to be able to provide an extra guest night to play on the Friday of folkweekendoxford.
Hopefully we can also make space for a reasonable number of floorspots, so if you are coming to stay for the weekend and would like to participate, please email

Kimber's Men
Arguably the finest shanty group in Britain today!
This is a rare opportunity to see the guys inland in the south of England, so don't miss it.
Weather is set fair today, so make your passage to the Folly Bridge by 8.30 for songs of the sea!

Whaley & Fletcher
Third time lucky - stand by for an evening of harmony and humour from "Lincolnshire's finest".
Mostly Reeds, Mostly Choruses, Mostly Traditional-ish

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman
"Kathryn has a great voice......her gloriously mellow vocals provide conclusive evidence of a major discovery....Sean's guitar work is as ever both refreshing and demanding"

A long-awaited return to the folk club scene, so really not to be missed.

Pete Coe
'His strong, distinctive voice is enhanced by his instrumental versatility, the ringing strings of his bouzouki, the sweet chords of his mountain dulcimer, the plaintive frailing banjo & the pulsing reeds of his melodeon.'
We are hoping for a busy night again, especially after his fantastic performance last time.

Brooks Williams
"Blues Americana guitarist singer and songwriter Brooks Williams delivers the deepest and most intense interpretations of everything from early blues songs to his recent original compositions"
"With bluesy fingerpicking, soaring bottleneck slide, and swinging flatpicking"
If you saw him on his last visit to Oxford you will be here again!

Ian Giles & Friends
This should be a fabulous night. Ian Giles needs no introduction for most people - after all, he started the Oxford Folk Club in the late 80's.
But if you really have never seen/heard him, then come along this week to enjoy one of the mellowest voices on the folk scene. And as he still has some friends to bring along, you can expect some dynamic harmonies too!

Christmas Party
Oxford Folk Club Christmas party is renowned for its music, fun, snacks and, of course, extra raffle prizes.
Come and join the fun - you don't need to be a regular or performer.
Jim Causley
Our favourite young Devon performer, with a lovely mellow voice and cheeky humour.

AND ...YES... this event is definitely going ahead despite the freezing weather. Please come and make it a crowd - it is a long way from Devon for Jim.
The good news is that he is bringing some extra fiddle power along with him as they are recording together tomorrow. It should be a great night.

Session at the Half Moon
Yes, to avoid being competition with the Darts Tournament at the Folly, we will be in the Half Moon in St Clements this week. Usual sort of time

LATE NEWS - we won't be in the Half Moon. You might find a few of us in the Somerset Arms having a drink, and just possibly a tune.
For those who can't read it, this says Guffaw, and they are a four part harmony band, already very popular in the Midlands and at festivals.

Anniversary Night
Just a week or so early, but come and celebrate 22 years of the Oxford Folk Club.
Perhaps we might see some friends from way back!
And some new ones too, of course!
Floor spots welcome.
Feature Night 3
Tonight we will be featuring Andy Turner - well known for his fine singing and concertina playing, and his appearances with Magpie Lane.
Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators
YES, it really is that Cambridge blues/jazz/acoustic band from the seventies. And no, its not quite our usual thing, but their super smooth blend of five-piece entertainment is something you can't think of missing. This is a rare appearance by Telephone Bill & the Smooth Operators and for this occasion will be completely unplugged.
The excitement mounts....

Open/Theme Night
And not surprisingly tonight's theme will be Autumn and harvest, so start remembering all those songs and tunes.
Just in case you can't think of any, you will of course be welcome to come and listen/perform anyway!
The Askew Sisters
They were so popular on their first visit that their return was never in doubt.
Fiddle, melodeon, vocals.

Special Feature Night with Graham Metcalfe
Yes - he's back in the country for a week or too, and tonight we'll be featuring Graham himself.
And you never know who else might turn up and join in.

Folk club is still on holiday, but there is a Megabash at Reading on Saturday 21st with the Henwoods
Also Half Moon Sunday evening as usual.
Summer Session
Time for a last fling before we close for the Summer break.

Back September 10th for Graham Metcalfe.
Bill Caddick £5
This is the first time at Oxford for Bill Caddick, famous for such legendary songs as 'Unicorns' and 'John O' Dreams.'

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
Just for those of you who have never seen them..."Nancy and James combine highly skillful and innovative performances with accessibility, warmth and stage presence." (Horsham Folk Club). We expect to be able to get everyone in, but to be absolutely sure then ring or email to be on the list. That way we can try and get roughly the right number of seats out too.

Open /Feature Night

Far From Home
A lively evening is guaranteed by this local band, with both Celtic and American influences.
Fiddles, accordion, guitar, vocals, bass, and more.
Come and enjoy the performance.
Steve Tilston
Outstanding songwriter who always gives a brilliant and memorable performance - this is a night not to miss.
Whilst there will be room for everyone, so this is NOT essential, it would help if you let us know if you are likely to be coming to this event. (some of us have to get the chairs upstairs if we think they will be needed!)

CHANGE OF EVENT Local Feature Night.
For the moment you'll just have to enjoy their picture, as unfortunately Whaley & Fletcher are unable to come due to illness.

We are now planning on a Local Feature Night, with a few extra songs from Ian Page (who has been otherwise occupied for several weeks), and a whole host of local performers. It should be a great night.
News to follow on Whaley & Fletcher - we hope they will be out and about again soon.

Mick Ryan & Paul Downes

Open/Folk Festival Night
The now legendary Folk Club Festival Open Night.
A time to come and hear some wonderful performers from around the country, along with our regular local musicians.
Anyone coming to the festival and wishing to play at this event please email if possible, or speak to the MC on the night. We aim to get as many on as possible who would like to play.

We are sorry to have to let friends know of the sudden death of Barry O'Riordan, who, according to Graham Metcalfe, was "a great singer, quite a character and a fine supporter of the Guinness family." His funeral is this Friday at Thomas More Church Kidlington at 10.30.
Steve Turner
A really superb performer with some great traditional songs.

The Portsmouth Shantymen
Advance warning, as they haven't been here for years! Put the date in your diary now.
And yes - it is shanty time this Friday, and this isn't 'your average shanty crew'!
Come and enjoy some really snappy singing from the boys from Portsmouth.
PS If you can bring a friend/neighbour/relative to enjoy it with you we will be overjoyed.
Ben Paley and Tab Hunter
Red hot traditional fiddle and guitar
Open Session
At the Half Moon, St Clements
Maggie Sands and Sandragon
Wonderful songs and tunes on the folk side of early and medieval music. Hurdy gurdy, crumhorn, harmonium, and more.

One of the finest folk songwriters in the world, with a following to match, so get here early for what is going to be a memorable night.
Tickets will be available on the door from just after 8pm. but you can phone or email if you want to be absolutely sure.

Christmas Party
Of course!
With this year's featured mystery guest, finally revealed - the one and only, unmissable, Pete Orton.
Prepare to laugh and party!

Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing
With their own brand of wonderful harmonies, and perhaps a seasonal song or two.
Don't miss one of our favourite local duos, and one of Birmingham Black Diamond's too "We love the sound they make and of course you will get the opportunity to join in."

Dazzling music with guitar, voice, violins, and accordion and showers of unexpected harmonies.
A very welcome return.

Feature Night with Scarecrow Band
Folk music with a different take - tunes, some songs, hints of jazz and blues. Two flutes, bouzouki, guitar.
Plenty of time for floor spots too, so come along if you want to have a go, or simply to listen. 3/2
Open Session at the Half Moon St Clements
Tonight is Darts Night at the Folly Bridge, so you will find us at the Half Moon, St Clements - as we don't know any songs about darts.
The Half Moon is a pub with a wonderful atmosphere and good beer - don't miss the opportunity.
Belsahazzar's Feast
Just in case you have never seen them before, be in no doubt - this will be an evening of musical mastery (with some silly bits too!).
Get here early for a front seat for the full Belshazzar effect.

A Bit of a Do
An 'Irish Experience' night of song, tunes and verse, masterminded by Oxford Irishman Mick Henry, with fiddles (and accordion) from John Pethica, fiddle from and John Rayneau, and interpersed with poetry readings from Bernard O'Donoghue. Probably more too! Quite a do then!
Pete Coe
A fantastic folk performer who is amazingly energetic and experienced. Expect music, song and dance, (possibly all at once!) You won't be disappointed.

Geoff Higginbottom
A great performer from Manchester with a large voice and guitar to match. Always a favourite at the club, so don't miss what is definitely going to be a great night's entertainment.

"This stalwart of the live scene has been performing well over twenty years. Long may it continue."

4th Tuesday Session
Yes, the Folk Club is still on holiday, but...this Tuesday, the 25th,there is the monthly session at the Eight Bells in Eaton, starting 8.30. Hope to see you there.

And remember there is a great session at the Half Moon St Clements - EVERY Sunday from 8.30pm
Irish Music, Somerset Arms, Marston Road
No folk club till September, but there will be Irish Music at The Somerset Arms, Marston Road this Friday from about 9pm.
This will be a free event, led by Mick Henry.
Come and support one of the few pubs still surviving in this part of town!
Ian Giles
One of the founders of the Oxford Folk Club over 20 years ago, Ian is a well-known, well-loved local performer with one of the finest voices on the folk scene.
"A veteran of many folk club gigs and pub sessions, Ian is equally at home with a lyrical ballad, or leading a lusty chorus song." (Wildgoose Records)
The perfect ending to the 'folk club year'.

Feature Night
Tonight will be an Open Night arrangement, but we will be giving a little extra time to a visitor from USA Joe Martyn Ricke, who is over here for a short time.
Hope to see lots of you!
Yes, we really are proud to present Britain's premier folk fiddler.
So, if possible, contact us for reservations if you think you are coming to this event, but there should be enough space for everyone!

Brian Peters 5
For those of you who have never seen Brian, he is a both a masterful multi-instrumentalist and a also a sensitive and also entertaining singer.
So make the opportunity to come and support the evening - it will be a good one.

Mystery Night 2
So probably anything might happen!
Mike Wilson & Damien Barber 5
Two of the finest exponents of Traditional Song in the United Kingdom
Maggie Boyle with Gary Boyle 5
"exquisite flute playing with beautiful voice and lyrics".. and Maggie will be accompanied by guitarist Gary Boyle so tonight will be a double treat.

Magpie Lane
Magpie Lane perform traditional English music and song. They combine powerful vocals with vigorous dance tunes - inventive arrangements on acoustic instruments.
In fact, they are absolutely great, and we have been waiting to get them to perform at the folk club for a long time. Yes, they really will be with us on 24th April.
Do NOT miss them!
There should be space for everyone, but it does help with room organisation on busy nights like this one, if you can let us know that you might be coming.

At the Half Moon St Clements
Feature Night £3
Tonight we will be featuring Skeleton Crew, performing some renaissance and medieval tunes and dances. They bring their very own style and expertise on an assortment of wonderful acoustic instruments, so don't miss them.

Time for some floor spots too, so singers welcome!

Folk Festival Club Night 2
A chance to hear many fine singers and musicians from around the country in town for the folk festival.
This has become a very popular event in the last few years, and if you haven't been to the club since the last festival please note our change of location.
Contact us if you need help. We look forward to seeing you all - we now have a bigger venue.(good pub food too!)
Notts Alliance
An all-male trio with a reputation for tight and inventive harmony singing.

Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley
Superb fiddle tunes and songs and awesome guitar picking from another younger act.

Feature Night with Clare Chapman 3
A young singer brought up in Oxford bringing a young and creative approach to folk music.
Time for floor spots too, so come and join in.
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner 4.50
Two very experienced harmony singers with a leaning towards English traditional material.
The Kittyhawks
An 'old time' band rooted in traditional old-time but with a mixture of contemporary too.
All interwoven with beautiful harmonies.
Entry 5

This is an occasion for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a performer or not. It doesn't even matter if you haven't been to the club before. All welcome.
Expect anything - surprise guests?
Rumour has it there will a mummers play. Will Father Christmas be there?
Only one way to find out - be there!

A guest evening with tunes and songs from our local five-piece band.

Les Barker 5
Not sure that we need to say more!
Be there for a night with this remarkably silly man - you will not be disappointed!

Trio Threlfall £5
Jane and Amanda Threlfall and Roger Edwards.
A wonderful trio from Lancashire with
a range of both familiar and less well-known traditional songs and tunes.

Steve Ashley
Steve has long been regarded as one of Britain's finest singer-songwriters, with a reputation for writing contemporary songs inspired by the English Tradition. A warm and timeless performer.

Martin Carthy
No introductions needed for the 'king of folk'.
Please contact us if you want to check availability as it is likely to be a busy night. Just this once there will be a ticket system. Those bought at the folk club before the 17th Oct will be
6, and any reserved by phone or email and/or bought on the door
4.30pm This is probably Full House by now, so only try and get in without reservation if you are prepared to stand in a corner! There may be just a
small space or two if we have any 'no shows'or find somewhere to put the tables.

Feature Night £3
With the unforgettable and totally unmissable PETE ORTON.
Get here early for a ringside seat!

The Askew Sisters 4.50
Hazel and Emily Askew on fiddle, accordion and vocals.

Open Session
At the Half Moon again, just for tonight.
Graham Metcalfe
The club re-opens after the break with that well-loved locally adopted Yorkshireman, who has been much missed since his departure for Canada last year. Make sure you don't miss out on a chance to see him at Oxford Folk Club again.

Informal session at the Half Moon.
8.30pm onwards.
Look out for future Friday sessions during August.
James Fagan & Nancy Kerr
Ever popular at the Oxford Folk Club, and plenty of room here for everyone wanting to see them again. Guitar-bouzouki, vocals/fiddle - all superb! £5

If you are coming to the Folly Bridge Inn for the first time don't forget that it isn't actually at the bridge itself but a bit further down the road on the corner of Whitehouse Road. We hope to see lots of people this week, and unlike our old venue at the Port Mahon there really is room to breathe!

Lorraine Irwing and Sue Brown
Be assured of a sparkling set of wonderfully harmonic songs from two of our favourite local girls. Mostly from the English tradition, many of their songs have a new take and subtle arrangement.

Steve Tilston £5
One of the best British singer/songwriters on the scene, with some wonderful and probably familiar songs.

Feature Night £3
Rob Colquhoun is a brilliant folk/blues guitarist and songwriter who has just recently started coming to the Oxford Folk Club, and we are pleased that tonight we shall have time for him to do a couple of longer floor spots. Expect to be wowed!
Tom Bliss ( at The Folly Bridge ) £4.50
Yes. We are on the move!
A popular troubadour with a wonderful selection of songs and superb accompaniments.
Come along for the first night at our new venue, and make it an extra special occasion.

NB The Folly Bridge Inn is on the Abingdon Road, just a little way south of the actual bridge. There is some parking available, and plenty of buses.
Just a few minutes walk from St. Aldates.

May Medley at the Half Moon, St Clements
An Open Session at the HALF MOON, St Clements - at least there are a few folk-friendly landlords left in town.
Bram Taylor
First time appearance at the club for this special performer, and last guest night at the Port Mahon for Oxford Folk Club. He is sure to make it a memorable night, with his easy going expertise of traditional and contemporary songs and superb guitar work.

First visit from this amazing combination of talents. Vocals from Jim Causley backed by the full Mawkin instrumental line up. The ultimate folk boy band. £5
Due to new management and pub refurbishment we are likely to move from the Port during May 2008.
If anyone has any ideas for a suitable city centre venue please contact us as soon as possible.
NB. We WILL continue and are already working on it!

Sean Cannon
Long time member of The Dubliners and a great performer in his own right.
Really not to be missed. £5

Lively young band from the Midlands.

Vinegar Tom
A new three-part harmony band formed by that well-loved local celebrity Ian Giles.

Home Territory (NEW EVENT)
Don't miss this excellent bluegrass band, with plenty of harmonies, solos and sound with Richard Holland - banjo, Sherryl and Gary Payne - bass, guitar, Emily Smith - fiddle, and Lennie Harvey - dobro. TOO GOOD TO MISS!

Floor spots might give Burns a turn too!
Don't forget, this is a CHANGE OF EVENT from Les Barker, who, we are pleased to report is now 'unplugged' from coronary care and back home. We hope to see him at Oxford sometime this year.

Feature Night
With a couple of short sets (or long floor spots!) from local guitarist/singer Pete Joshua. You might recognise him when you see him, and you won't forget his brilliant guitar playing when you've heard it. Certain to be an entertaining evening, and space for floor spots too. £2.50
Oxford Folk Club Christmas Party is well known for its weird and wonderful raffle prizes,silly hats, food, and even possibly a surprise guest. All for just £1
Andy Irvine
Wonderful performer with a huge following, so try and contact us if you are hoping to come to see him. We are expecting "house full" for this event so be prepared for a bit of a squash! There are just a few spaces left so get here early. Correct money at the door would also be helpful. £5

Special Anniversary Night with expert harmonies from Moira,Sarah and Carolyn. £4.50/£3.50

Ben Paley & Tab Hunter
Exceptional fiddle and guitar duo. £4/£3

Feature Night
Tonight we will be featuring a local band, Natterjax, who come from several points west of the county. Expect a lively evening.
Floor spots will also be welcome £2
Whaley and Fletcher
Renowned for their superb mellow harmonies,rambling humour, and of course, their beards. £4/£3

Belshazzar's Feast
Zany entertainment that should probably carry a health and safety warning, given the dangers of out of control laughter. So all this, combined with superb musicianship can only mean a busy night. Get here early! £4.50/£3.50
Enquiries by email or 01865 761110 or 768128

Pint and Dale
Music of the sea, from two of America's finest interpreters. £4/£3

Open/Theme Night
Theme Night with a seasonal feel, so if you know any songs or tunes associated with Autumn or harvest-time, then bring them along. If not, anything goes, so come and perform anyway. £1


No folk club for a couple of weeks yet, but there is the Bunkfest this weekend.
Look out for the Saturday night session with Lucy and the Singing Train next day!